About to jump!!!



About to jump in the deep end and invest in a 42" plasma, but being a total newbie, and trying to make the correct choices, so have a few questions that I would appceiate advice on from you old hacks.

Trying to buy on a budget (that seems to keep getting nudged up) with an extended warranty for peace of mind, I have decided to probably buy from Richer Sounds, either the Hitachi 42pma400e @ £2299 or the 42PD5000 @ £2499 (will price match newmix at 2389) plus £200 for 3 year warranty........unless you know of a better deal, I have looked at John Lewis with their excellent free 5 year warranty, but can not find a good enough shop deal to make them price match (except perhaps the Pan TH42PA20 £4400 at JS but may match RS at 2795, but still abit over budget)

Has RS done further deals for you by chucking in FOC warranty or brackets?

If I go Hitachi is it worth spend the extra for the 5000?

Are the Daewoo DP42sp (1799) or Relisys RP4205s (1999) or LG MZ42PZ43 (2199) worth considering?

To act as a tuner I am considering Blueyonder digital cable, is this as good or better than Sky or a Freeview box?

My DVD is an Aiwa Ht-DV90 home cinema (which I am happy) it has S - Video, Composite + optical conections, how will I conect it all up (sorry don't now cable box connections) as all the talk of RGB, converters etc is going over my head

The helpful guy in Comet (LOL) tried to put me off units without a built in tuner saying Lip sync is a real problem, I've searched the forum and their only seem to be a few posts, is this much of an issue?

thanks for any posts that help to prevent my hand shaking at the tought of spending 2.5k on a tele


Richer Sounds "price beat" specifically excludes plasma screens.

from richersounds.co.uk
Excludes special orders, accessories and plasmas.

Even if you could get them to price match they only price match stores with 75 miles, or a specific list of websites :

"24-7 Electrical, Abound Online, Amazon, Appliance Direct, AV Land, Bargain Crazy, BE Direct, Bennetts Online, Comet, COOP Electrical Shop, Currys, Digital-Point, Dixons, DVD Library, Electrical Discount UK, Electric Shop, Empire Direct, Hi Energy Shop, HiFi Bitz, HiFi Store, Multiregion Magic, Panther Online, PRC Direct, QED UK, Superfi, Techtronics, Unbeatable, Web Electricals."

PRCDirect do have a good deal deal on the 42PD5000 at the moment though if you can get them to match, only £2399.95 delivered.
Get the Fujitsu VHA 30 , portables.co.uk will price match them for 2,500 pounds. In the USA forums lots of people think that this is the best screen with the pioneer and the panny 6 close at range.


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I got richer sounds to price match nexnix when I bought my PW5, they even didnt care that they were matching their silver bezeled screen with the black of nexnix. (silver was more expensive for some silly reason).

And this was at the time I returned my LG screen saying I wanted the panasonic, they had no quarms about that either

and they did me a cheap stand.

Many people slate RS and I'm sure in some cases its justified, but I cant praise them highly enough

The store was Stockport.




Hi thanks for the replys, its a big jump

Adeyb.......good to hear you rate RS, out of interest why did you change the LG?


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Peer pressure mainly

I though it was a good screen.

but a mate of mine is big into AV and installs home automation and multi room systems went nuts at me!

"take that pile of C**p back and dont come back without a panasonic"

or something like that.

When I got home with it I have to agree, the panasonic is a much better screen, and worth the (at the time) £300 extra.

Im looking for a screen for the bedroom at the moment and want to do it a bit cheaper, if I came accross one priced right I'd have one for the bedroom.



Now that the Daewoo DP42SP is only 1699 and the Relisys RP4205S 1799 as RS would anyone consider either of them a good buy for a first screen?


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Nexnix are doing the Fuji VHA30 for £2477 inc VAT + Delivery and that includes a Free wallmount and 3year ONSITE warranty. Bargain!

Ive used them before, excellent service.


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Originally posted by Techno
Nexnix are doing the Fuji VHA30 for £2477 inc VAT + Delivery and that includes a Free wallmount and 3year ONSITE warranty. Bargain!

Ive used them before, excellent service.

Everyone of course is going to recommend their own screen, so here's another thumbs up for the Fuji which I'm watching right now.

Great screen.


I squeezed RS on the PMA400E for £2k. But I had to wait a few weeks for a remote that wasnt in the box. (which meant I couldnt do anything).

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