About to buy PTAE-100 - need mounting advice!


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Aug 13, 2002
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Ok my plan is to fix this to the ceiling, I have a wooden (hollow) beam running across just the right point in my living room.

Question is, do I need to buy something specific to mount it to this beam, or are there fixings on the projector itself?

I've seen numerous posts about some kind of fixing point on the panny just being "glued" in and thus not suitable.

Help, I'm cr** at DIY:D
First of all, when you mount the AE100 on the ceiling, you have to fix it upside down; there's a software option to invert the picture. The fixing on the Panasonic that isn't recommended for ceiling mounting is the central screw-hole, used (when the projector is right-side up) to mount it on a tripod. This is the one which (so it's said) is only a press-fit in the case.

The fixings to use are four threaded bushes, situated more or less at the corners of the bottom of the machine. There's no way to fasten the AE100 directly to the ceiling (or even to a hollow beam, unless you can get at the inside of it) using these; you have to suspend a flat plate, usually from a vertical post, and run bolts through four holes in the plate which correspond with the bushes.

Use the Search function for "AE100 ceiling mount" or similar and you'll turn up loads of descriptions, drawings and pictures.


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