About dead/stuck pixels and plasma panels (again)


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Hi everyone,
I recently bought the Panasonic TX-P50GT60. I am quite pleased with it - except for one issue.
The first thing I did when I got it was to check for screen uniformity and defects. I could see none.
I continued using it (very sparingly) for the next few of days. Then I checked it again and I found a dead pixel.
Sort of.
It shows best on a white screen, but only if I leave the screen static for a while.
For instance, if the TV plays colored slides (red/green/blue/white on the entire screen) and if the panel switches color within 5 seconds or so, it won't show up. If I keep the screen white for longer, first I can see like a small dark shadow forming in that spot. Several seconds later the shadow kind of "concentrates" into a dark pixel.
Seeing as the panel is far from being broken in, I'm wondering if it will go away with time. But I suspect it's a problem that may get worse later. I may still be able to return it to the store for a replacement if I act fast. I'm just not sure if it's worth it and how would I convince the tech that I really have a problem, since with a moving picture the issue isn't really noticeable.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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I would give it couple of hundred hours first.

But thing is and what a lot of manufacturers don't want consumers to know is that if any more develop in approximately the same area is it 'can' be the beginning of panel failure. Transistors at the back of the plasma beginning to fail with no cure except a panel replacement

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