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I think your 99% figure is very optimistic. I've seen 2 screens with burn and the owners have no clue (not my place to highlight), I highly doubt their isolated cases.
Well when there is 4.5m sold each year then that would 45,000.
I am not so sure that LG would reject to repair or replace the panel out of warranty… take into account that OLED is the LG bet, to give a good customer service is in their best interest if they want to maintain a proper customer base.
My best guess is that LG tries their best to keep this topic out of the public. Also they already have in the user manual written "somewhere" that people should watch warried content. LG will not reject a repair, but in my case they were asking for 2/3 of the TV's price (1050 Euros) to have the panel replaced due to "burn-in". And even though I had bought and registered online 4 LG TVs they didn't care to show any sign of goodwill.

From my experience with the LG OLED B7 (2017 model) I'm pretty sure that the "burn-in" effect is cumulative.

I got the first visible "burn-in" marks after 1,5 years by using "Teletext" to read news each morning for 20-30 minutes before heading to work.

This is how the TV's image looked like after that time:

After noticing those spots I told my wife to stop using the Teletext feature and instead we switched to a morning show which has a yellow banner which again we only watched for around 30 minutes per day to see some news before work.

The yellow banner added more marks and made the available spots from the Teletext more visible. This is what the image looked like 8 months after the previous picture:

If you look around long enough, you will find cases where people have the Youtube and the Netflix logos burned into the screen. There is also a case on this forum where someone has the mute-logo burned into the screen.

If it's any indication you can have a look at the poll about how many OLED users suffered "burn-in":
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This is a photo I took from my TV Sony A1 purchased in Dec 2017 we never play games or leave any images on screen for any period of time our usage is very normal mostly Netflix, Prime or Sky.
There is an area in the centre of the screen which seems to have spread even more since noticing it, the green tinge is awful but worse on people’s faces.
I have a 5 year warranty but Sony support says this is a characteristic of OLED?

The set is going back to Hughes TV on Monday so I will leave it to them to resolve the issue as my contract is with them, there is no way I will accept a tv subject to normal use ends up like this.

Sony support we’re pretty much useless and their reply sadly is much as I expected.

When you buy these TV’s no one in my experience tells you it will pretty much be useless after around three and a half years.


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I forgot to add on advice from forum members I ran some test screens on white nothing is visible but on red, yellow and purple there is shading but nothing seems burnt in more like shadows as below.


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I have just had a phone call from Hughes TV who have liaised with Sony regarding this issue which has been explained as image retention/screen burn.

Because the major failure is in the centre of the screen Sony have offered a brand new TV an XR-55A90J which I have of course accepted.

The new TV will be delivered to Hughes technical who will check it for any damage in transit and run updates before delivery to me, I would have preferred this be delivered to me so I could unbox it but in the circumstances I’m happy with the outcome, it’s just a shame my first contact regarding this with Sony support was less than ideal.

Well done Hughes TV.

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