Question About a Sky+HD box but not about Sky.


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Was given a Sky+HD box, put it in the bedroom on a single feed.
When I put it in it still had the card in (but no subscription) and it picked up our local channels, BBC1 Scotland and STV, 101 and 103 respectively.
However, for some reason the box went through a reset, now BBC1 Scotland is on 951 and STV has gone completely.
I found the frequencies etc for STV and tried to use the add channels feature. STV is apparently 10906 v 2200 5/6 dvb-s, entered these and found 4 STV's in the list, saved them. When I tried to view them the box says no satellite signal is being received. I then can't view any of the channels that are in the epg. Same happens when I try 11068 v 2300 3/4 dvb-s2.
I then have to reset the box to watch any of the channles in the epg.
Could this be caused by having only the one feed?
Definitely nothing to do with single feed. Where did the box and card come from (South of the border by any chance)? It is almost certainly either a problem with the card or the card reader in the box. What channel regions are on 101 and 103 now? Waiting for reply before further response and possible solutions.


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Thank you for your reply.
Box was local, just down the road. 101 is BBC Yorks and 103 seems to be ITV HD with no region on the banner.
What make and model of Sky box is it -- should be printed on rear panel and possibly moulded onto top of box - if it is a Thomson then ignore rest of post. they are well past their use by date and have numerous possible problems.

1, With on screen menus press "Services" on remote. select settings, select details. does an 8 figure number appear against viewing card number?
2, If not then slide viewing card in and out of its slot several times (to clean contacts in viewng card reader), remove card and wipe gold contacts on card with lint free cloth ( do this anyway if card number is shown). switch box of at mains, wait a few minutes, repeat 1 - does card number now show - if so wht chnnels now show on 101 nd 103? If no change theen more to try in next post


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Hi thanks for your reply.
Just taken the card out of an old box from the dump. Put it in the box and everything is back to how it was. BBC1 on 101 and STV on 103.
See if it stays that way, but sorted for now (at least). Thank you for your time.

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