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Hi There.

I am about to swap out my ASUS motherboard and Core 2 Duo CPU from my HTPC.
Am considering the Abit Fatality board with built in Graphics and HDMI with HDCP.

Anybody here using one? Would be very pleased to hear peoples views on this MOBO and Core 2 CPU combination?

Many thanks, Gerald. :)


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I have the m-atx Fatal1ty and despite the negative reviews regarding the reliability of these boards I am delighted with my purchase.

If you are referring to the matx board a consideration will be what exactly you plan to do with the system. The only nightmare I have had is finding bits that actually fit. I brought a Mini-Ninja which is quoted as 'ideal for HTPC solutions" But it was much too big. Same with passive cooled graphics cards....... not a hope in hell.


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I have an Abit Fatality - doesn't have HDMI with HDCP.

The only problem I has was fitting My masive CPU heatsink to the mother board. The motherboard heatsink was in the way 0.5mm its a lot to force the thing over by. made it fit, just!

Last Sept I thought the Gigabyte boards looked good for a HTPC system.
Hey I have the version with HD output, i think there are 2 versions.

The only problem Ive had with the board is when I tried to attatch a mini stealth ninja cooler to the cpu, I couldnt attatch the fan to the side because theres not alot of space, it could squeeze in between the cooler and a stick of ram, but then when i switched it on i was getting ram errors, so i just took the fan off, runs around 50degrees celcius.

The board works fine, not tried to overclock or anything, so not sure of many of its full capabilities.


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Is that true? The specs seem to imply it's HDCP compliant, or does that not actually mean that it works?

If your looking at a Fatal1ty F-I90HD - then I can see any problems with it.
I bought the version before this and have had no problems. I have read that other have had a few problems with abit, but I've read that about brand.

It was the right price and at the time http://www.custompc.co.uk/ gave the older version a good rating for the money.


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Been using this combo of F-I90Hd and dual core since last September. Though it's probably a small complaint, one thing about it does annoy me- when I switch on the PC using HDMI connection to amp, I've never been able to see the Abit boot screen. When using VGA, I can see it fine.
The onboard graphics are never going to set the world on fire, but then, gaming wasn't the main reason for buying it. A simple upgrade to another graphics card would be able to sort that out though.
All in all, glad I bought it.

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