Question Abandoning Sonos upgrade - advice needed

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On impulse the other week I decided to upgrade my six-year old Sonos setup to the latest units. However it has been pretty much a washout. The subwoofer is too huge to hide in the room I wanted to put it, and the new Five speakers will only talk to the new app, and the new app won't talk to the old kit, and so the special waterproof enclosures I built so we could have Sonos in the garden are redundant since Fives and Ones are too big to replace the Play:3s in there. My wife thought it was a dumb idea to start with and now I have to admit she was right. There really was not much wrong with the old kit.

I used the upgrade scheme to get a discount on the new speakers. However now I plan to give the new speakers to my son for his new home. Yes, I know, overkill, but simpler than trying to send everything back (Sonos have not replied to my email to them two weeks ago).

My question for this forum is: will Sonos allow me to go back to my old setup, or will there be implications further down the line? I know they don't remotely brick old speakers any more, but will there be any other disadvantages or complications?



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Then you can just stay on S1 for the new kit, that's what I'm doing. Given that I just want it to play music, I doubt I will need any of the new functionality.

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By way of a bump, I contacted Sonos again and they are taking all the kit back under their hundred-day guarantee, though it does seem to be taking a long time to organise. I've restored my old setup and it all seems to be working fine. The only advantage I can see to the upgrade is this ability their new kit has to adjust itself automatically for the room -- but frankly we are not that fussed - the old setup sounds perfectly good to us...

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