AArrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh (number 2)

Dave P

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Aaarrggggggghhhhhhh number 1 was this http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=438535

Now after being told via an automated msg this morning that a Sky eng would be with me between 1300 and 1600 I 'm ready to shoot someone!:mad: :mad:

At 1630 no one had turned up or called, so I rang Sky. Got put on hold, listening to crap Xams tunes. Didn't get answered so hung up. Check the phone for msgs and the Sky eng had rung whilst I was on the phone to Sky, ironic eh?

Apparently he's not coming today becuase he has run out of HD boxes!:eek:
How on God's green earth can that be possible? Can they not count?!

Another days earnings lost, and no doubt another cock up on friday.

Loosing patience fast.

Emailed them again but doubt the ******* will give a **** and I'll still be the mug.


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The title of the thread sounds like some serious constipation! :rotfl:

Sorry! Not meaning to make light of your situation. Write to James Murdoch and demand compensation. The lovely Beverlie will put you right I'd imagine ;)

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