AADs, very very very good



Have just got myself an AAD surround setup as follows
E30s Rear surrounds
E44(C) for front and Centre
Yamaha Sub (to be replaced soon by AAD sub).
Due to the bottom range of the E44s (E48 floor standers would be better) being 70hz I have wired the sub in series to get a full range for Music. But it works with Movies just as well.
Once I get the AAD sub, I will but the AAD is series with the fronts and, stick the Yamaha onto the .1 channel

The sound is fantastic, with full detail in all ranges.
They havn't even been run in yet and there is no harshness.

They replaced my previous setup as follows (very mismatched)
JPW ML910s (floor standers Front)
Elax Centre
JPW sonatas at the rear

I thought they sounded good, but now all I can say is
'What was I doing?'

So check em out at your local dealer.
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