Aaargh! Marantz 5400 help needed - disappearing labels!


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Hi all

After spending hoooours setting up the layout of my Marantz 5400 I'm experiencing some annoying problems.

Basically, I've converted someone elses PCF file (the original works fine incidentally), but somehow on my own version, all labels are either unreadable or very dark. I've set the colour on the relevant buttons to white, but EVERY device is appearing on the wizzit simulator or on the actual remote with unreadable labels. I would add that this happens on either imported bitmapped buttons or on the stock ones.

anyone got any ideas?:confused:

Also, I've noticed there are horizontal lines on my remote, which is a bit annoying also, anyone come across this?

Any help would be appreciated!:lease:



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Do your new buttons all have actions assigned to them? If you are using someone elses PCF you may find that nothing has been assigned to the button in your new setup and they tend to look "greyed out" with a sort of stripey effect. Even if you just put a delay on the button, it should then show properly.

EDIT Just opened a RC5400 file in the Wizzit program for the RC9500 and if I have a dark button with a white lable (white writing) and no action assigned I get the greyed out buttons and can hardly read the lable - so hopefully adding an action should solve your problem.


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