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Aaargh 77 C8 or 75Q900R... can’t decide


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Replacing my 2015 Sony 75X8505c to get better HDR performance but just can’t decide. Do I go for the 4000 nits light cannon or the inky black OLED. Main use is 4K HDR movies from UHD Disc on. a Sammy UBD-K8500, 4K HDR Netflix & Amazon and some 1080p content from Apple TV 4K. I do watch some broadcast TV but it won’t impact my choice. Sitting 2,5 meters away in darkened livingroom for most viewing.

It’s doing my head in. What has annoyed me with the Sony is light leakage when in full HDR mode and the lack of dynamic range for HDR with it’s low nits rating

It’s a first world problem, but spending around 5k I do a lot of ifs, buts and how abouts...
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Certainly on current merit the addition of Dolby Vision support on the OLED is more attractive with your usage..

Netflix and Apple TV support the format, but you'd need a compatible UHD Blu-Ray player too take advantage of Dolby Vision.

On the other side, the Samsung supports HDR10+ which is backed by Amazon, although I am not sure they actually have HDR10+ content available yet. If you believe what Samsung have said your player will be updated to support that format.

Several things may make your choice easier such as your viewing conditions, if you view with the the lights off often and/or you need wide viewing angles then the OLED is better value.

If you also view a lot with lights on or during the day, the QLED will beat the OLED.

Your current TV compares more with the Samsung in the respect it uses a VA type LCD panel so you can't expect perfect screen uniformity, nor good viewing angles. Local dimming and raised peak brightness helps a lot with HDR, as does the wider colour gamut of the QLEDs with HDR. On the other hand if you view often with the lights off and when dark, the human eye is better at noticing colours closer to black than it is at high brightness where the Samsung excels.


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The choice was in many ways taken for me. The shop erroneously had 1 Q900R and one C8 in stock, but when I got there in my rented van they had neither. I for once listened to the sensible part of me and got the 75 q9FN for 34990 NOK (3200£) They also gave me a Xbox S to sweeten the deal. Saved me 1200£ on the Q900R at 49.990,- NOK (4400£) and 1900 on a C8 at 57.990 (5100£). Going home to set it up after work, hoping it will stay, but I have 50 days to make up my mind.

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