Aaaarrrggghhhh my HCPC's playing me up something rotten


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More of a frustrated scream rather than a cry for help, but if anyone does have any ideas....

Had everything working OK with the machine, apart from analogue decoding via the Delta 410 (which I think is faulty - currently trying to get it replaced - that will teach me to buy it from the 'States - not been impressed with Digital Connection's customer service I'm afraid!!). I was running the S/PDIF out to an external amp/processor for the time being. Did some further tinkering to try testing the problem with the analogue outs on the 410, to no avail. No problem, I'll revert to S/PDIF. Also get Girder and IRMan running, and manage some reasonable WinDVD control. Yipee!

Tried to go back to S/PDIF, but wierd things happening - only managed to get prologic last night. Rolled WinXP right back to base install, reinstall Delta drivers, WinDVD4 and DVDGenie. See in the DVDGenie FAQ a mention of WinDVD only supplying Prologic when DirectShow Navigation is enabled. Well, it wasn't enabled, but maybe a pointer.
Since then I have rolled back, rolled forward, rolled over and kicked my legs in the air and lost count of the number of times I've reinstalled WinDVD etc. Thought I had it all working nicely, but it's now gone and died completely - NO SOUND AT ALL!!!! I used to be able to get Windows sounds out to the amp via the S/PDIF, now I get nothing. I'm sure it's all set right.... All I can think of doing now is a complete wipe of WinXp and start again from scratch.

...The joys of HCPC!!!!

:mad: :mad:


this wouldnt be my fault by chance!?

I tend to find the thing works much better if you leave it a day or two, something about my temper i believe....... :D

good luck getting it sorted


Tim Cooper

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Hi Richard,
Try a clean install, clean the registry of anything delta & maudio.
Dump dvd genie & use dvd region killer instead i had sound problems until i clean installed & removed genie.
Then use Cliff Watsons driver install guide:


Delta 410 public beta WDM drivers
I know it has been a long time coming but the new 410 WDM drivers/filters are ready for public beta testing.

I’ll post instructions for using the new drivers here and we can also use this thread to discuss the drivers and make recommendations for the next version(s).

WARNING, WARNING! When this driver is first installed the volume level is set to absolute maximum and should not be installed with free running amps turned on. Turn off the amps before installing the drivers and do not turn them on untill the master volume control is enabled and set to a safe level.

1) After downloading the zip file unzip the drivers to a folder on the root drive or to a floppy disc.

2) Use the included Uninstall program to remove the old drivers and reboot so that Windows finds the hardware and then point to the new drivers for installation. The uninstall program is necessary to ensure that new drivers are installed with the correct default values.

3) After the new drivers are installed you will notice that the Delta Control Panel (DCP) is now run as a System Tray Applet giving one click access to the DCP for quick access to the master volume control keys. The DCP will open to the last tab that was open when the DCP was closed. This means that to quickly get to the volume control you should always close the CP with the Bass Management tab exposed. We are looking at providing direct hotkeys for volume control but don’t have them ready yet. The lead engineer is meeting with Microsoft this week and hopefully he will come away with the necessary information to make the drivers truly easy to use.

The user settings are spread over two DCP tabs as indicated below.

Hardware Settings tab has two sections that effect the 410 multi-channel output.

1) DMA Buffer Size now has a switch that force client software to use the Windows default buffer size instead for the Delta adjustable buffer. Use Windows Default for MME if you get pops or clicks during audio playback. I recommend that you enable the switch at all times.
2) The Variable Output Signal Levels section is used to adjust individual speaker balance for your room and has a range of 15dB. The default is –8dB and should provide sufficient gain for modern speakers. The Comsumer/-10dBV buttons are used to set the overall output voltage levels of the 410 giving you one more level of volume control on free running amps.

The Bass Management tab has four sections and is the heart of the new filters.

General Settings;

1) Has an On/Off switch for compatibility with professional recording needs and should NOT be turned off for home theater use.
2) Has the Master Volume Control with a range of 0 to –144dB in one step increments between 0 and –99dB with the last step at –144dB (off).
3) The Master Volume Control uses the up/down arrow keys for 1dB-step adjustments or the mouse for gross settings.
4) Has a PCM Limit switch to lower the Windows PCM sounds to the AC-3/DTS decoded levels.

Speaker Frequency Response;

1) This section provides for the Crossover Frequency Low-Pass/High-Pass filter settings for seven speakers. The LP/HP filters are 2nd Order Butterworth with 6dB/Octave slope.
2) Provides a Crossover "Off" switch for full range speaker pairs.
3) And a switch to enable Simulated 7.1 audio from a 5.1 source.

Speaker Placement;

1) Allows for the input of speaker distance settings for all channels that controls the individual speaker time delays.
2) Provides for individual channel Mute and channel Rerouting on certain channels.
3) When Mute/Reroute is checked the Center channel is routed to the L/R Front speakers.
4) When Sub Mute/Reroute is checked the sub channel is routed to the L/R Front speakers IF the front speaker crossover is turned off.
5) When L/R Rear Surrounds are muted the 6.1/7.1 is routed to the L/R surrounds.

Sub Channel;

The sub channel output is composed of the seven channel summed low pass frequencies and the LFE channel. Under certain conditions it is possible to clip the sub channel output so we have provided a Clip indicator and a user controlled boost/cut gain slider. The sub gain slider can be controlled by the left/right arrow keys in 1dB steps. During my testing I have only seen the sub clip when all channel crossover freq. were set to 120Hz and playing the DTS “thing” with the gold color DVD. I’ve never seen it clip during normal use.

This is an screenshot of the Monitor Mixer with Simulated 7.1 enables and a stereo CD processed thru Dolby ProLogic 2.

The beta 410 drivers for WinXP and ME can be downloaded from here under the soundcard driver section.

Best Regards, Cliff


Originally for the beta drivers but the basics are the same.
Also i think windvd 4 has problems with the Delta 410 with regards to spdif being unavailable/greyed out, i personally use TT but prior to that i used powerdvd 4 much better player than windvd IMHO.
Drop me a PM if you want to download the evaluation version ;)
Dvd region killer is avail' from here
Hope it helps:D


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Thanks chaps....
I followed both bits of advice (prior to reading them...!)
I think Girder must have had an effect, as I had DVDGenie and WinDVD running fine before - odd. Not your fault, though Buns!!

Had a break and a butty, then remembered I had ghosted the partition just after a clean install, so reverted to that, and also dumped DVDGenie in favour of RegionKiller - although it doesn't have as many bells and whistles, it does all I need it to. Problem solved (fingers crossed).

Now got Girder going fairly nicely. I've installed TweakUI to switch off autoplay, so I don't get any PC(un)Friendly/Interactual stuff popping up. Girder detects the disc insert, checks whether it's a DVD and fires up WinDVD if so. Most of the WinDVD controls now running from the remote.

Great stuff, this HCPC lark!:D


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Chuffin' Nora! It's now gone and done something similar again!

If I set Audio out in Control Panel | Sounds to S/PDIF, and when I select S/PDIF out in WinDVD (or PowerDVD for that matter), I get zilch, but if I set WinDVD to be Analogue Sound card, it works (although I only get Prologic :mad: :mad: )

Reinstalled from scratch (well, known good clean WinXP Ghost image), and tried with just audio card driver and WinDVD - no other stuff installed - same problem. Tried this routine several times.
Is my PC haunted, I wonder?!

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