AAAAGH! Win XP not booting!

Discussion in 'Computer Software & Operating Systems' started by t-force, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Hey guys - sorry to burden you all with my PC problems again!!

    I recently tried to install Win XP, as it was being a complete pain in the backside, and hanging at random. My PC had (at the time) a dual booting install of Win XP and Vista RC2 (on two separate HDs).

    I started the Win XP reinstall (using my OEM CD), and then when it re-booted, once it got to where my O/S choice screen should have been, it just hung completely, leaving just my BIOS diagnostics screen (the one where it says what cards and things have which IRQs/DMAs).

    So I thought "right, the re-install has screwed up my dual bootloader", and I'd been planning on getting rid of Vista anyway, so I thought I'd install Ubuntu on the drive where Vista had been, hoping that the Ubuntu bootloader would allow me to get back into Win XP.

    Ubuntu installed fine, and I can get to the Bootloader screen, and load up Ubuntu without any problems, but if I select Win XP from the bootloader, the screen clears, with "starting up..." (or something like that) appearing in the top left corner, and then it hangs again!!

    What on Earth have I done? And how can I recover my Windows XP, without doing a complete format, if at all possible?

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