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I have a Sony KDF E50A12U R/P TV which I bought in June 06 however that one was faulty and I was sent a replacement in July 2006. Up until recently, I only used analogue sources (Sky +, PS2, Normal DVD Player etc) then recently I bought Sky HD (Ebay bargain!!) and hooked it up and everything was fine until 1 night whilst watching BBCHD the picture dissapeared, completely with just HDMI showing in the corner, then the sound dissapeared and the TV then began squealing:eek: :eek:

I initially thought it was the HD Box, so a quick swapsie with a friend and no problems for him with my box yet I still get the problem. Called Comet, engineer has never seen the fault before but orders a new PCB from Sony (Who have never heard of the fault either:rolleyes: ) for £267.58 (Under warranty of course) then returns a week later to fit it. 20 mins after he's gone the fault is back, only worse. PQ on Component is awful, TV green power Light no longer flashes with remote commands or at first start up and the PC socket is now dead:confused: :confused:

Has he destroyed my TV completely? :mad: :mad:

Coming back on Tuesday to 'Have a look:rolleyes: '

Anyone else have such problems with Comet's aftercare?:lease:


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So the engineer returned on Tuesday just gone and 'Re-Fitted' the old PCB but still no PC Input and the original fault is still very much there.:mad: :mad:

Phoned Comet and asked for a replacement and was told:

"Because it's older than 28 days you're only entitled to a repair, Sir.":eek:

After I picked myself up off the floor and stopped giggling, I mentioned a thing called Consumer Law and strangely Comet have never heard of this. :confused: :confused:

As advised by Trading Standards, a letter is in the hands of the store I bought it from as well as in the office of the big cheese requesting my replacement in accordance with my legal rights as a consumer and the fact they have already had 2 attempts at repairing it:thumbsdow .

They have 14 Days before things turn nasty (For Them).:lesson: :lesson:

I will post again when I know more!!


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They're well used to it I'm afraid, and know their rights inside out. Sods !

I had similar problems with them, had a TV that was faulty out of the box and they tried to force a repair on me. Easiest thing I could do in the end was let their engineer come out and test it, to prove it was faulty. The engineer was actually a top bloke and was very understanding.

Then when I went to the store for replacement, the member of staff told me to beware "as the manager is a rottweiler, he won't back down". Then this chap came out and was pretty dour with me, and made me wait 45 mins while he made phone calls. Then he told me he "wasn't happy" doing a swap. I eventually got my replacement but it really put me off Comet.

I actually dealt with S.o.G.A. queries in my job at that time so was well versed. I pity those that aren't. You've done the right thing by going to Trading Standards for info.

I had thought they were allowed 3 attempts at a repair, but if it became more than a "reasonable" time you were entitled to a replacement regardless of how many attempts they'd had.

Good Luck :thumbsup:


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Being ex-comet to my shame I have always been told that 28 working days to complete a repair is what is classed as reasonable. I do recall trading standards agrreeing with that, but depending on circumstances (they view use of a washing mahine as different to a TV).

What you need to be careful of is that Comet Service will close one job (ie the board replacement) and create a new job. This is so their first time repair rate appears better and they argue it is a new issue.

Retain all you pink service slips and check the job numbers won't be surprised if they had changed.


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For those who want to know, Comet looked at the TV again yesterday and could not rectify the fault's :mad: and the engineer wanted to ring Sony again and attempt yet another repair :mad: until I mentioned I had spoken to Head Office and Trading Standards about the problems I was having:lesson: :lesson: and he made a quick phonecall and came back with a returns document!!:clap: :clap:

I've got a NEW TV coming on Sunday and it is NOT a Sony!!:rotfl:

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