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My last thread mysteriously disappeared. So to continue the saga. GP said they would deliver my repaired sub amp this morning. Well to be fair something arrived. Just a shame it was an amp for a PSW 1000.2 and not a Kube 1 like i sent away. Amazing. Why they just couldn't say they had lost it I don't know. :thumbsdow


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Only telling people what happened to me. :( But fair enough.

If the truth hurts....... To be honest I was venting anger. If the type of post gets deleted then there wouldn't be a lot of posts left on the sky forum. :rotfl:

Hopefully this will all be sorted next week. The thing that annoyed me was they never admitted to loosing the amp. Bonkers. The sub amp they sent back is probably better than the Kube 1 that I sent away. It's certainly a lot bigger. Erm, I wonder if they would do a deal on some cheap Iq1 rears as compensation for all my troubles.......
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Obviously KEF are a popular brand, and the more you sell the more service issues you're going to have, especially when your history spans almost 40 5years. Given that the service dept isn't 10's strong, they do a very good job, and we've always had decent service from them. Like everyone, there will always be the occassional service job where everything goes wrong. It's never a single issue, always numerous ones!

If you e-mail KEF and put your issues to them, I'm sure they'll be quite happy to take on board what you say and look after you - although it sounds like they already have if the amp you received is a better one than you had before.


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I've emailed them letting them know that i'm not a happy bunny :lesson:. The amp they sent me is not really any good to me as I have a Kube 1 box and speaker. The amp is about the same size as one of the Kube 1 sides :eek:. I've asked them to arrange to pick it up.

I should accept this as normal for me really. If it can go wrong it usually does for me. One of those things. It's not put me off KEF. I just like to moan. :D

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