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I got 'A Beautiful Mind' on DVD today (in Sweden) and the edge enhancement is the worst I have ever seen on DVD. Its coarseness and intensity are jaw dropping. It even beats 'Final Fantasy'. Edge enhancement this coarse has never before been seen outside of a VHS deck.

If you are planning to get this great movie on DVD, beware that you may need to invest in a really bad composite cable for your player, preferrably an unbranded audio cable with rusty connectors. That along with all available sharpness controls set to absolute minimum, should make the image fuzzy enough to recognize through the edge enhancement.

How could this happen? I can understand if it would happen to some underbudgeted transfer of an unknown 70's B-movie, but not a movie like this... what were they thinking? :confused:

mr chadwick

who cares.film is a load of pretentious old tosh and never should of won best picture and best director oscars.we all know who and what should of won.
use it as a beermat mate,i would.


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Originally posted by mr chadwick
we all know who and what should of won.

What should have won?


Because the film was actually shot fullscreen and then cropped to 16x9.


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The film itself is not the source of the edge ringing. I saw it in the theater earlier this year and the print did not show any such problems. I looked at a screen dump of the main title from the DVD, and there it is clear the edge enhancement has been done digitally after scanning.

Take a look at the vhs version, or even one of the making of's and on the directors relay screen you'll 16x9 framing, meaning the vhs most likely displays more of the image. Unless they cropped the cropped image, for the VHS release.


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I'm not talking about the edges of the screen itself but the edges of objects within the image.


No edge enhancement


Too much edge enhancement

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