A9G Doesn't Power Up Periodically


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Strange problem - from time to time, my A9G will not power up either using the remote or the power button on the left side. The only way I can correct the situation is to unplug the TV from main AC for a few seconds, then plug it back in. No trends I can see why or when it happens - not like it loses power or anything. Anyone else see this and have remedy? TIA


Novice Member
I’ve had this with mine twice this last week. It does turn on as I can hear the menu sounds when I press the arrows on the remote but the screen stays black. The unplugging for 60 seconds trick fixes it.
Not sure if it’s trying to do a panel refresh without telling me but I’ve only had it since April so surely it can’t be time for a refresh yet

Ekko Star

Distinguished Member
Try unplugging it from the mains for a few minutes then re-powering it all on.

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