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Hi, I just bought a 65 inch A80J that was delivered yesterday. I started watching the movie Bruised on Netflix. I don't have the highest price plan, I have the one below it. Surfaces in the movie, have like a fuzzy looking grain to them. I mean, really bad. Some parts seem to have a little movement to them. Worse when the scene is lighter and with lighter colors. Around some lights, you get what looks like a type of blooming, to a large degree. Fuzzy looking extension of the light.

I went to Best Buy and asked one of the employees about it and he said you should not be getting that even though I don't have the most expensive Netflix plan. He said there must be something wrong with the tv. I am trying to figure out if it could be the source or something wrong with the tv or just the bigger size expanding the picture and causing it. On the main screen with all the apps, I scrolled down and played one of those movies, not sure of the source and while it was better there was still similar to a degree. The faces and main focus of the picture are razor sharp but this seems to be the background and surfaces wherever they are located in the picture.

I don't want to return the tv if there is nothing wrong with it but I also don't want to keep it if there is a problem. I have seen reviews that talk about how good Sony upscales so I am reaching out to actual owners to get their opinion as to whether this is normal with Netflix or a bigger size tv or if they think there could be a tv issue. I have not bought a tv in about 10 years so I don't know what to expect. I would appreciate any advice you could give me concerning these 2 issues. Thanks.


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The bigger the screen imo the more flaws in lower quality video files you expose really, its all down to the source material or video type you use.

If you really want to make sure there is no issues with your source or in this case netflix berrys bruised film, then get the upgraded netflix plan so it supports 4K HDR and retest same Bruised film but in UHD 4K and see?

If you got the basic plan you might be only in HD which is like 1080p, so you may just be upscaling HD 1080p content onto a 4K TV set, which while ok won't always have the best image quality going.

Another quick fix is simply goto Youtube via your TVs inbuilt app (supports full 4K HDR), try this HDR 4K clip.

It should look pin sharp and very good quality, no pixely, blocky, grainy or uneven textures etc

Also note you need good quality fast stable broadband to get high quality streams on netflix and youtube, slow ones will reduce quality, especially slow quality wifi speeds.

Or download some test HDR films sample clips and put them on a USB stick and play them directly via the usb tv port.

See how you get one, remember the source matters. Switching to an high quality 1080p or HD source or better 4K HDR UHD source improves things much better.


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The movie itself has pretty much noise and filmgrain. Not the fault of the TV.

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