A80 or A90 to partner my CD73


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I'm about to buy a stereo amp to partner my CD73. Up until now I have been running the CD73 through my Denon 3802 AV reciever into Mission M74i's with fairly good results but obviously am aware that the Denon and possibly the speakers are the weak link as far as stereo output is concerned. Logic would suggest to go for the A80 but for the sake of spending £230 more will I realise a worthwhile improvement by going for the A90 or is this total overkill for the source and my main stereo speakers. I would want to use the AV feature of either amp to drive the left and right front channels of my home cinema system so maybe the extra power output of the A90 will be useful here. I won't be able to upgrade any other parts of my system for quite some time after this purchase so any suggestions will be apprechiated.

My system:

Arcam CD73 CD Player
Denon 3802 AV Receiver
Denon 2900 DVD Player
Mission M74i Fronts
Mission M7C2 Centre
Mission M7DS Surrounds x 4
Mission M7AS Subwoofer
Kimber Power Cords
Kimber Interconnects
Kimber Speaker Cables
Olsen Sound Fantastic 8 Way Mains Extensions x 2
Atacama Equinox Hi-Fi Stands And AV Unit


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With anything to do with Hi-Fi I always recommned buying the best you can possibly afford at the time, the A90 has quite a bit more grunt than the A80 and will servie you well in the future shouod you decide to upgrade the speakers.

Matthew J Taylo

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I just home demo the A80 I wasn't that impressed with it, my Pio Ax5i actually sounded better in stereo direct mode?

The A90 hsan't had that good reviews, have you looked into the Cyrus 8vs?


Matthew J Taylo

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Mr Crusty,

Absolutely Yes, listen with you ears before purchasing, especially at home.

Reviews however do focus you "demo'ing" decisions & when/if you have x5 machines to choose from, i.e in the £800ish bracket for 2 ch amps then you can't home demo them all so you need to narrow down your choice.

What I do find interesting, I have to admit is that What Hi-Fi & Hi Fi Choice seem to dissagree on quality etc.. more times than not!!



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