a7n8x deluxe spec/Sonata probs?


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Yhello :)

Having (unusually) failed to obtain a single response from the company I intend to buy the Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard from, I'm wondering if any of you have recently bought the same 'board and can tell me if the rear-mounted USB 2.0/gameport bracket and cabling is still included in the package?

My reason for choosing the Asus is down to the gameport and 5.1 upmixing of the on-board Soundstorm chipset, and the Asus appears to be one of few 'boards - perhaps, the only one - that includes both features. Oh yeah, as I'd like to keep the noise levels down, the use of heatsinks held appeal, too :smashin:

Just in case anyone knows of other options, I'd be happy to hear of any suggestions regarding 'boards that include a gameport, 5.1 upmixing and heatsink cooling. Extra points will be awarded if optical out is used for audio! Kudos and virtual Maltesers will be given...

Oh, although I'm trying to keep costs down and haven't yet found an Intel option that meets all these needs, I don't mind hearing about one, should it exist :D

Finally (woohoo!), in terms of the Sonata, after the discovery of a couple of recent comments, I'm just wondering if there are any owners that have encountered problems with the case or PSU (including heat issues and compatibility with the 9800 series of ATi Radeon cards)? Er, one more... Could anyone say if a well-stocked system (minimum of an Athlon 2500+ XP (non-overclocked), Radeon, DVD-R, DVD, 2 hard drives) is likely to run okay (i.e. cool (-ish!) and not too loud :clap: ) with this box?

Thank you. I've left the building...

Okay, okay... I'm still here! Hoo! :hiya:


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I'd go for the Abit equivalent, the Asus board has problems keeping the Southbridge cool which in turn makes the sound crappy. The Abit boards are (reputedly) much better on this. Try www.overclockers.co.uk (there are versions that support 333 and 400 fsb CPUs).

I own the board you've mentioned above, and yes, it does include USB, firewire and gameport risers.

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