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Up to about 3 weeks ago, I've been downloading and watching iPlayer progs on my 405 without any problem. Then one time I was syncing 4 progs using W Media Player (as usual), 2 progs transferred ok, 2 errored. I do not recall the error but I had to reset everything to clear it. The 2 progs that transferred were watched on the A405 ok. However I could not transfer the 2 that errored. And, since then, I have not been able to sync any other iPlayer prog. Both from my laptop and home pc (both run XP and WMP 11).

I play the prog on my pc for up 2 minutes and still the 'hover over' says "you need more usage rights". The properties of each file to be sync'd state "You do not have the rights to play this file Collaborative play for this file is not allowed"

I am able to sync and play other files. Just iPlayer gives this problem. I have tried the beta iPlayer Desktop too, still same.

Any suggestions please?

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If you reset everything then the 405 probably went back to 'media player' mode, try switching it to 'PC Hard Drive' mode and see if that helps.

Something else you can try is connecting to wifi before playing the files on the 405 as that often allows the Archos to collect the license directly.


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Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I used it as a Media drive previously. However tried as you have suggested. Changing it to PC Hard Drive gives a warning that DRM protected cannot be used. Anyhow, transferred the files to the Archos, then ran each program for a minute before closing. Then I disconnected the USB, opened settings and selected update ARCLib. This still would not run the progs, 'no license'.

Note also the 405 does not have wifi.

I read somewhere on the BBC iPlayer site that sometimes they make changes to their servers that may cause media players to not work properly. Does anyone know of a BBC forum that I can check? Is anyone else having problems with iPlayer on their 405?

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