A22/DAVE Phono stage problem.



Hello people.

I have an A22/DAVE with the optional phono stage fitted.

Recently I had a deteriation in the playback of vinyl, the sound was almost the same as a cartridge/needle failing.

I have tried an off board phono stage to prove the cartridge or on board stage.

It is the on board stage that is at fault.

I contacted Arcam today. They say they want the whole amp back to look at the problem. This is a pain as this is not the first time I have had problems with this amp. It is also the heart of my system and leaves me with nothing running at all.

My question is. Has anyone had any similar problems?

If it is just the phono stage, then I may just take it out and buy an off board stage to save losing the amp again.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

They will want the whole amp back to check that it is the actual phono stage board or it may be the circuitry in the amp that take the signal from the board that's at fault. You be better to make sure there isn't any dormant issues with the amp itself.

If you do decide to get an offboard phono stage then I can highly recommend the new Project Tube Box which is a valve based unit and sounds ever so sweet.
Many thanks for reply.

I have just taken the phono board out and put it back in.

I am now playing an album for the sixth time with no problems. It could have been a dodgy connection on the main board. Hopefully.

I see you have a good taste in speakers!

Thanks again.
I spoke too soon. On closer inspection with regards to sound, there is quite a bit of wow with the Arc stage. I have taken it out and it is in the post tomorrow.
I'm not hugely knowledgable about turntables but would 'wow' not usually be contributed to a problem with a motor or the belt on the turntable?
My knowledge is much the same. I just know when it does not sound right. I thought Wow was a sort of earthy type fault.
The board did look like it had been put back a little tastily when Arc had it last. The fixing screw that also earthed the board was stripped, so I hope this is the problem.
The turntable is a Michell Gyro SE which is fairly bullet proof and hardly used.

Thanks again.

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