A2 or cheaper newer denon?


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Listen up..

Have you ever wanted a Yamaha A2?
How much would you pay 2day for a yamaha A2?
It don't have DP2 or any of these gizmoes, DTS-ES(matrix/disctrete), Circle surround, DD-EX and DTS Neo6 . It just has ur plane standard DD5.1, DTS and DP1 (altho' has the yamaha extras DSP and front effects channels)

How does £350 sound?

Or does one spend £300 for the lates in gizzmoes but take a drop in sound quality. Moreover take the denon avr 1803? has the latest stuff but one can bet that this don't have the same sound quality (gues sound is a lot like denon 1802 )?

Save £50 and gain a years warrenty/garenty in a new denon avr 1803 . or spend the £50 and gain a second hand yamaha dsp A2 with no warrenty?
(£300 or £350 respectively denon 1803 or yamaha A2)?


I would say its no contest.
Personally I would not pay £350 for a second hand A2,espacially as I got a new AX2 for £500 last year!
Why would you want to spend £350 on a second hand (out of date?) amp when you can get a new one that does more and comes with a warranty,seems like no choice to me.

Ian J

Difficult question which I can't answer as I have experience of neither amp but the principle is interesting.

Much depends on how much you value PL2 and extended rear sound. If you insist on both, you have your answer but whilst every generation of amp seems to have more and more facilities, the overall sound quality isn't necesarily better.

I went from a £350 Marantz receiver that did everything to a second hand Denon AVC10SE without PL2 and amplification for the extra rears that does everything else that much better.

It suits me but different people have different priorities.


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As the denon avr 1803 is not out in the Uk, it is not a suprise that no english reviews or previews can be found. Although the 1803 is out in germany and here is a full review in german.
This review (of what i can translate) says, that the denon actually has a good remote!! Good dvd film reproduction and decent music reproduction. Although it does state that the Yamaha Rx-v630 does sound better in musik reproduction. I do not know how the rx-v630 compares to the A2 in question above.
(If any german speakers can give a better interpretation would be brill. also check this out if ur serios to work out what it says http://www.freetranslation.com )
Here is a link to the users manual of the Denon AVR-1803 http://www.usa.denon.com/catalog/pdfs/AVR 1803_883 DFU.pdf

Now some links for reviews of the yamaha DSP A2 and its manual.

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