A1SR suddenly cutting out


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Last night I plugged back in my amp (it having been unplugged for a week whilst the house was painted). Just wired in the 2 front speakers last night to listen to some music. I was admittedly playing it quite loud, albeit for quite short periods, but it suddenly cut out. Thereafter, and also today, it continues to cut out if it goes beyond -10dbs on the display. It had never done this before, even when played considerably louder for much long periods of time. This is a bit worrying...

I have checked the connections, but i would assume it would cut out instantly if it was a wrong connection, rather than only at high volume - which suggests it's being driven too hard, although, i don't think it is, and would certainly expect an amp like that to be capable of being driven hard. It was humped around a fair bit when the room was being painted - but i can't imagine that it was damaged.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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If all connections are ok (doublecheck to see if there are any stray speaker strands touching anything) then maybe try a Processor Reset. Don't forget to write down all your settings beforehand as you'll have to re-enter them all (channel levels, delay times, digital assignments etc). Hold down the Stereo & Direct buttons on the front panel whilst turning the Power on and the display will flash, hold a couple of seconds and then it will all be reset to factory defaults. If it still keeps cutting out then you may need to get the amp looked at in case there's an internal problem somewhere.
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