A17W221 AOC 17" LCD HDTV Problem - Help needed


Mr. Enigma

My TV's had a somewhat fuzzy line across the top of it for a while. It's a real nuisance whenever I watch anything that takes up the whole screen. The TV's manual reads:

Horizontal dotted line

* This may be caused by electrical interference (e.g. hairdryer, nearby neon lights. etc.)
* Turn off the equipment.

Horizontal dotted line is a pretty close description, the only problem is that I've moved the TV to rooms where there's nothing that could possibly cause "electrical interference" and still, that line's there. I've tried all the solutions for image persistence and got no results, so I'm convinced that's not the problem. From what I can tell, the line's not actually "burned" (I use that term loosely) into the screen, but I'm out of ideas. While it has a one-year warranty that's still good, I don't think I really have any proof of purchase and it would be a lot of trouble to pack it up and pay for the shipping just for a reasonably small, albeit annoying line.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm out of ideas and if any more info's needed, I'll be happy to give it. Thanks.

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