A11XVA surround mode input memory


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I have now extended 5.1 to 7.1 and am playng with all the surround modes. Question whether the A11 can be set up to default to a set surround mode for a given input - by input I mean DVD, PS3 or Sky.

My issue is it seems to determine surround mode from audio input, ie DVD and PS3 are always the same for multi input (THX games or THX Ultra 2 depending on what was last set). What I want is the input selector for PS3 to set surround to THX Games, and the selector for DVD to set to THX Ultra 2 as defaults. If I run a BD movies on PS3 then accept I will need to manually change to THX Ultra 2, I guess.

However I want the Sky input to change between PL and THX Ultra 2 depending on whether the source is stereo or multi, so I guess I may be wanting the best of both worlds?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Whilst the Denon's store per Input etc they also lump some modes together e.g Dolby/DTS or THX so if you change your DVD Input to THX Games for example you'll probably find that the Sky Input has also changed to THX Games. Did this on my A1XV the other day. I'd changed to THX Ultra2 for the DVD Input and when I switched over to the Input the Xbox360 is plugged into it had changed the THX mode from Games to Ultra2.

Just means you'll have to switch THX modes back for the Sky Input if you change them elsewhere.

It will remember to change between PL and THX when it detects a Stereo or Multichannel signal though, so you're covered there. You should be able to see what modes it drops into for the different sources by scrolling through the onscreen displays whilst you're on that particular Input. Just press the OSD button on the remote.


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Thanks Jase, looks like I will have to set THX Ultra 2 as the standard THX mode for all multi inputs. Given I don't play games and the children probably don't appreciate the difference between THX Games and Ultra 2 this is less of an issue for me!

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