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    After reading through these forums I have decided to go for a Panasonic DMREX85. I hope this is the right choice but I wanted torun a few things buy you guys before I purchase it.

    1. At the moment I have a PX60 with freeview so how do I connect upthe new recorder – do I run the arial into the recorder then up to the TV needing to turn on the recorder everytime I want to watch TV?

    2. Does this recorder recordonto DVD-Rs?

    3. If I connect to my TV with HDMI how do I get the sound to my amp? I have a Yam DSPZ9 and I'm worried although I can connect it to me DVD player with an opticallink I'm worried that there will be a conflict when I select the relevant setting on my amp when it comes to displaying the picture ie select DVD recorder so it looks for the image and the sound from the ampwhereas the image will be coming via HDMI and the sound willbe coming from the otical link to the amp to achieve 5.1 etc?

    4. One of the main reasons why I'm getting this is to transfer footage from my Sony HD camcorder – is this quite an easy process.Couldanyone let me know how you do this sort of thing?

    Cheers in advance :)

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