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A wet weekend in Torquay !


Active Member
I think I just had the most challenging time I've yet to experience taking photographs ! Weather was abysmal, available lighting was either dull or duller, and I ended up trying to avoid any shots involving the sky. Still, I caught a few that I am quite happy with.

1. Couple of Torquay Harbour (HDR'd to bring some life back into them !)


3.The Pavilion Fountains

4. A Tall Ship

5. Shot of the Ferris Wheel from the Enchanted Gardens.

6. The Godfather ! (candid street shot)

7. Father and Son. (another candid)

8. Torquay harbour at night.

9. Brixham harbour at night

10. The Enchanted Gardens.

11. The new harbour bridge in Torquay.

There's a few more Here if you have 5 minutes .........

Any feedback gratefully received :thumbsup:

Gizmo 76

Well-known Member
Cracking set of shots macker :thumbsup:

Really like the fountains and the new harbour bridge, also like the Torquay seafront shot from your flickr. Great work with some really good compositions.


Active Member
Thanks Giz, really appreciate the comments mate as in all honesty, when I 1st looked at the pictures I brought back, I was wondering whether I'd get any that I was happy with !


Distinguished Member
Yes, you done well there Macker especially considering the conditions were not ideal.

Not into hdr myself, but i can see why you applied it to these pics :smashin:


Active Member
Torquay Harbour’s my fav, exposure just right, did you use flash?
It good to salvage captures that your not 100% happy with, and you sure have done that.


Active Member
Crikey, cheers fella's, glad I made the effort to save a few after seeing your comments !

but the garden looks a tad green IMO.

They are lit with green floodlights mate ! :laugh:

Torquay Harbour’s my fav, exposure just right, did you use flash?

No mate, 25 second exposure. The unfortunate side effect of that is that the boats are slightly blurred as they shifted with the water, but it was so dark, it was that or nothing ...........

Where is 'The Enchanted Gardens'?

They are along the seafront by the fair in Torquay. They are all lit up at night with various coloured floodlights. A must see if you down that way :thumbsup:

I'd be tempted to do something with the sky in Tall Ship, or crop some out.
I know, it's 'orrible isn't it ! I had to play with the levels and contrast that much already though to get it to where it is now, I think if I inflict any more PP on it, the whole thing will just melt ! :laugh: I only actually kept it because I really liked the composition, it was exactly what I had aimed for and reminded me of an old film scene or something ! (Probably the Goonies as Bubble suggested !)

Thanks again to you all for looking through them :thumbsup:


Some cracking shots there, brings back memories of holidaying in Brixham many years ago!

I especially like the first one and the two of Brixham and Torquay harbours at night!


Active Member
Thanks Liquid & CarlukeDave, would have taken some more night scenes but all of the lights around the fountain and Pavilion area were out, and half of the street lamps on the pier too :( Will have to ring them next time and make sure they switch them on ! :rotfl:


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Just echoing the comments from everyone else really. Crackin' set.:thumbsup:

The first HDR one has worked really well. The Tall Ship one is a superb composition and I agree, Goonies all the way and all the better for it. Shame about the sky but the composition is strong enough that it's not that big a deal.


Active Member
Great set Macker. I'd be very pleased with those. :thumbsup:

I like the HDR ones... I must get round to trying HDR one day myself.

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