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A Weekend in the Lake District


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My g/f got me a hot air balloon experience for my birthday last week and so we went to the lake district (Penrith) for a couple of nights on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather wasn't good enough for the balloon flight but there was plenty else to photograph anyway. Weather was pretty poor with drizzly rain pretty much all the time apart from the Sunday eve.

#1 - Aira Force waterfall
50mm | F14 | 2.5s | CPL

#2 - Stone Circle near Castlerigg, I literally arrived sprinted out the car and took this shot within 1 minute to get the light on the hills. Didn't have time to even think about a tripod!
10mm | F9 | 1/30s | ISO 2oo

#3 - Then onto Keswick where as with all the other lakes the water level was really high. I took off my socks and shoes and waded in to get this shot of the pier under water. It was bl**** freezing!
13mm | F11 | 30s | CPL + ND8

#4 - Then the token boat shot. You can see the boat moored on the pier at the left of the picture, which is the reason why I had to wade out as it would have been in the way for my previous shot of that pier.
[imglink]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3071/2947114068_21f44a4a50_o.jpg[/imglink] [imglink]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3032/2947114226_fe56d501ea_o.jpg[/imglink]
12mm | F9 | 80s | CPL

#5 - Then up for sunrise the Monday morning. Not really any decent light to speak of but I made the best of what I had. This time I decided to wear the wellies I have in my car before wading into this river in Glenridding on Ullswater.
10mm | F7.1 | 13s | CPL

#6 - Found this drowned tree nearby my previous shot. The wellies again came in useful in allowing me to wade out a bit to get rid of any foreground.
15mm | F11 | 6s

***And now flickr stops working with firefox again...Whats up with this?
Off to Internet explorer which wont let me view the exif without viewing it through flickr itself Arrrggghhhhh!!

#7 - Looking across Ullswater to the mountains around Bridgend
120mm | F13 | 1.3s | CPL | ISO 2oo

#8 - Wellies out again to photograph this fall from under a handy bridge (it was raining again) below Tarn Crags on the banks of Thirlmere
10mm | F11 | 2s | CPL

#9 - Vertical Compo of the same scene

#10 - On the way home and I liked the look of this place "Brothers Water" which feeds into Ullswater
10mm | F9 | 1/10s | ISO 2oo | CPL

#11 - Swap to the telephoto to snap this modest cottage with a view snuggled at the bottom of the valley
100mm | F13 | 1/6s | ISO 2oo | CPL

Unusually I hadn't done any research into places to shoot and what was popular etc before this trip and I had zero local knowledge of the area as well. I just had a good study of my OS Select Landranger I had printed of the area and looked for spots that looked like they had potential. I always try to find places for my self but I've never not had 'safe' locations to fall back on if I was struggling. It's definitely quite nice to go with no set agenda, although you're probably less likely to get as many good shots than you would if you know of places that will work.

Hope you like and C&C most welcome.
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beautiful shots all round - stunning:thumbsup::thumbsup:



3 & 6 really are special out of a bunch of exceptional photographs....considering the weather was poor youve done brilliant:smashin:


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Didn't realize I'd have to budget for a pair of wellies when I bought an slr as well. Can you recommend any for a Sony A300.:eek:

In all seriousness though simply gorgeous shots.:clap:


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Great stuff, but the stand out shot is the sunken pier one. It's just very unusual, and very well taken.

I also like to wander around without a specific itinerary - I end up having to think more and work harder to get shots when I'm in unfamiliar places.


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Thanks guys. Glad you like the pier shot, maybe you could tell that to the wa**** who (although he had been photographing the same composition from the same place for the last 40mins at least) shouted at me to move when I sat on a step to dry my feet and put my shoes back on (I was hidden behind a boat for the actual shot).

What made his arogance that he owned the entire strech of beach even better though, was that he was using a Medium Format camera (that didn't even have detachable lenses (a friend who does fine art has one)) without any grads so he wouldn't have been able to get a decent shot anyway!!

Thanks everyone


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Stunning shots, 2 and 10 are my favourites, fantastic scenery and light.


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Absolutely asounded by the quality of these, absolutely stunning each and everyone, number three had me actually go wow when I saw it, which got me some wierd looks from the rest of the household.


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What an absolutely excellent set Ally, you really have an eye for a good capture!


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Beautiful set of photographs Ally.

#3 is my favourite too - it's technically no better than all of the others (I.e. excellent) but the subject matter itself lifts it to another level in my view.

I was surprised to see that #10 is only 1/10s because the reflection is just so crisp. It must have been a beautifully still day.

Thanks for sharing.


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Absolute quality Ally. Top work.

Not quite understanding your story about the tool with the camera though. Was he asking you to move because you actually were on private land, or was he just being precious?


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Quality shots, Ally.

No 2 is a beautiful shot. I really like the feel to this - spot on exposure, and lovely soft subtle light.

I like No 3 but can't help feeling it needs tweak of the colour, or perhaps a mono conversion. It has a slightly greenish cold tinge to it. Also, there appears to be some haloing around the uprights, especially on the left.

I prefer the mono shot of No4 - a stunner. Nicely composed and the foreground contrast is perfect.

No 5 doesn't do much for me, I think the softness to the water makes the foreground a little difficult to look at - perhaps if there were some sharper details in the water it would work better. The strong greens in the bank on the right also attract a little to much attention.

I like the lack of foreground in 6, and the composition works nicely. Again, the tones are a little cold for my tastes, but still a lovely shot.

No 7 is a lovely shot, well composed and nicely spotted.

Not sure about the soft focus in No 8 - but expertly composed and exposed.

I like No 10 as well - the horizon is a little central, making it feel a touch unbalanced - perhaps getting a little closer to the rock on the right would have given a more dynamic composition?

No 11 is a cracker - simple and well spotted.

I great series of shots, inspirational. :smashin:


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really nice work ally, some great shots

i'm amazed looking #3 as the water is normally a good 2 feet below the pier and it's quite a big lake so there must be a huge amount of water coming off the mountains. saying that there has been a huge amount of rain up here recently!

well done on getting your feet wet :D

i'm ashamed to say that I live 30mins from keswick and the lakes and in the last year I've been in the lakes 0 times with the camera :( if it's nice on Sat I do plan to go down to Keswick though, i'm determined to get down before all the autumn colours disappear

if you're ever up in the lakes again drop me a pm and i'll dig out a few nice locations to get snapping


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No 3 and 7 are amazing :)


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No. 3 is my kind of photo, absolutely top notch. Well worth getting your toes wet for :smashin:

I'm really hoping I can master this photography malarky so I can capture photo's even half as good as this one.

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