A week in bed with the Sony 930v...

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    Let me be honest, I'm a Sony man at heart.

    I purchased an NS405 some 14 months ago, a time when I didn't have a 'home cinema'. It has served me well, initially being connected to a 21" sony, and producing some impressive images...

    Having moved to a new job, with increased salary, I began looking back over the last 35+ issues of Home Cinema Choice. Suddenly the thought of buying such kit was not 'window shopping' anymore, it was reality...

    With great help from these forums, I bought a Sony 28FX66 widescreen. Moving to the new format was a revelation, suddenly my movie experience was transformed into exactly that, an experience.

    My DVD collection was laughable, a total of 3 movies had been bought over a period of 6 months: Matrix, A Knights Tale and Heat. With my new found home cinema, the collection has improved to 77, most of these being bought in the last 10 weeks!

    After the TV came the receiver and speakers; Sony STR-DB790 and a pair of Tannoy R2's. Next a dedicated CD player; the NAD 521i.

    Although this is my first AV system, I have been more than impressed with the audio and visual quality. I felt however the 405 was the weak link, not producing true blacks without the aid of extra contrast, and showing noticeable areas of grain and noise across apparently well mastered dics...

    So the decision, to buy a DVD player that produced the best possible PQ under £300. DVD-A was of no concern, and for the short term SACD neither. It was all about the PQ, and after much debating it had to be the Sony which had received high praise both in magazines and among owners here...

    The verdict? Everything looks just that bit better, without being hugely discernable. Blacks are now true solid blacks, without losing detail in shadows. Detail levels seem higher, in particular flesh tones which look more natural. Noise levels seem lower, although badly mastered discs (like 24 season 1) are shown up to be much more inferior.

    Underworld region 1, which is an extremely dark movie looks outstanding, managing to retain sharp detail amongst the darkest of shadows. Wrong Turn region 1, looks truely outstanding, possibly the closet to reference I have in my collection; it almost appears to have a higher resolution its that detailed! Monsters Inc is jaw dropping, its so colourful, alive with movement...

    Very impressed with the upgrade, and the ability to buy region 1 has opened up a totally new avenue of great movies...

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