A want a new lens for my 400d



I've had my 400d since the summer and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

I've been using the standard 18-55 kit lens and I promised myself I wasn't going to jump in to any lens purchasing until I was comfortable with the camera (my first DSLR), and I was confident that I was buying the right lens for my needs.

Well, the time has come:)

I am really tempted by the 24-105 F4 L lens which most people seem to love. I feel it will suit my needs and will be ok as and when I upgrade the body to something bigger.

For the sort of money that this lens will cost is there anything else you guys would suggest I look at?

Based on the type of photo's I like to take I think will enough range for me, but also the quality?

Also what sort of filter would I need on a lens such as this. I want one purely to protect the lens from scratches etc, but I don't want to compromise the lens in any way.

Thanks in advance :smashin:


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Who knows if its the right range for you? Put your kit lens onto 24mm and see how wide (or not) it is, 105 is plenty long enough for a walk about.

Its f4 which is OK but not great, the bokeh isnt to my tastes on it and IMO 24mm is too narrow for the wide end for a single lens. Coupled with a 10-20 or 10-22 its ok ( bar lens changes) - I prefer the 24-70f2.8 but no IS and its a BIG heavy beast.

A more crop friendly lens is the 17-55f2.8IS which is excelent, is fast and has IS, same range as the kit lens. Or the Tamron 17-50f2.8 which is a lot cheaper but excelent - no IS.

Other options are the sigma 17-70 - not constant apature (f2.8-4.5) but good quality, and IMO the poor value for money 17-85IS.

As for filters I dont bother but if you want buy a UV/skylite filter for it to protect.


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I cant type too at midnight and with a few glasses of rum on board:blush:
The 24-105L ( Ive used it on loan a few times) is lovely.
My only concern is your loss of Wide angle as 24 mm on it is really a 38mm FOV on a 1.6X sensor like the 400Ds

The quality is typical Canon L quality.. The Canon 17-55 f 2.8 IS USM will nt give you that much zoom, doest not have the "L" on it but is a superb lens but the 24-105 does have that much more range and can be used on a FF but unless the 5D is in your sights that shouldn't matter
There is an 18- 200 Sigma OS lens which costs less and isnt a bad lens by any stretch although by no mean comparable
I would suggest you take your 400D to a Jessop which stock it and take a few photos in store and maybe just out of the door, then go back home and have a look to see what you think:)


Thanks for the quick reply Rob,

My wording wasn't ideal - The range on the 24-105 will be fine for what I want it for.

After all I will still have the kit lens and my long term plan would be to replace that with something very similar (in terms of range) but of higher quality.



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Well if 24mm is OK for the widre end the only drawbacks for the 24-105 is f4 (tho it has IS) so isnt going to have the shallowest of DoF's and IMO the Bokeh is a bit sucky.



Would you care to elaborate on why you think the Bokeh is a 'bit sucky'?


Anyone else have an opinion on this lens?
I know plenty of people have them (or have at least used them).


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I find on any busy background thats OOF/out of DoF it can produce harsh distracting background bokeh instead of the creamy stuff say the 24-70 produces.

Its not all the time but it is an issue, one of the few with that lens.

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