A Very Peculiar Practice


Just read on another forum that the rights for A Very Peculiar Practice have gone to a 'good' company and it's rumoured for a possible release this year - though rights for some music could make it pending.
Acorn UK will be releasing (all being well):
A Horseman Riding By
Wodehouse Playhouse
Foyle's War
Born and Bred

So a few class acts to look out:)

I loved A Very Peculiar Practice and would go for it big time. Plus Tenko which holds memories of family round the box on a Sunday night - and a almost Black Adderesque feel of ladies in lingerie catalogue, ah youth and the deeper questions.


currently being shown on BBC4 and due for DVD release January 2004.

Brings back many happy memories for me - I was at university and remember sitting with my mum to watch this in the evenings when I got home.
Being a little older and less-wise I "get' some of the story now :)

Saw Hugh Grant as the preacher in the first/second episode the other night. I was almost back in the 80s for an hour :)

Reading this site I see that there was a one-off special in 1992. Looking forward to seeing that (I had moved to the USA by then).

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