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A very humble kid!


Maybe one of the members on these forums should take note :devil: ...I won't mention any names but those of you who frequent general chat will know who I mean :)


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:rotfl: What a great kid.


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Awwww, that was nice. :thumbsup:


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What a softy I am, it brought tears to my eyes.

Reminds me of my little brother when he was small and he got an Amstrad console :)god:) for Xmas.


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Just taken my step kids on holiday to Egypt for 2 weeks over Xmas and New Year, they showed about 1% of the gratitude that kid did.

The wife and I agreed.... never again.


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great vid made me smile.

not quite on the same level - but reminds me when i was his age and i got my NES for my birthday - i was well chuffed and the olds have that on video camera :rotfl: - :thumbsup:

Good luck to the kid and the family and great to see............. shame it was a 360 tho :devil:



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great kid, parents have obviously done well bringing him up, loved it how you could hear the dad laughing all the way through in the background, would have been great to see the kids reaction if dad said he had to sell a kidney to afford it :rotfl: ohhh if only!

Deleted member 174041

Reminds me when I got my first playstation. I knew I was getting it but still chuffed. I realised how much it cost and was greatful that I received it. My younger brother who is about 9 must have toys that value twice as much as my ps1 when it came out and he still moans that he hasent got anything to play with :eek:

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