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Could someone tell me the pros and cons of the different materials for an AV unit? glass, metal and wood combinations.




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I'd be interested in finding out something about this too as none of the cabinets I've seen thus far from the likes of Ikea, etc., seem to meet my needs, i.e. a unit around 6-7ft tall capable of housing 10-12 items with adjustable/sliding shelves, solid or glass doors, plus storage units either side for DVD's and CD's.

Got a basic idea of the design, but would appreciate advice on materials, e.g. MDF or plywood for the carcass with a better quality wood for surrounds, door frames, outer panelling, etc.


MDF would be a good start for the main body, high density means low vibration. Shelves should be insulated on their mountings.

A carpenter would be able to knock something up fairly cheaply.


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I designed one myself and asked the joiners at my work if they could knock it up.
My design was solely made from 18mm MDF
1500mm wide x 750mm high x 550mm Deep with Glass set into the two doors at the front and the rear left open.
The Joiners, however, have made some alterations to my design.
They made a frame from 3"x3" timber with 2 sheets of MDF to make the top surface, and they added 100mm to all the external dimensions, making this thing MASSIVE!!
Instead of glass for the doors, I found some copper Woven mesh (Used for radiator covers) which looks great and works very well (IR gets through fine)
I gave the whole thing two coats of wood primer then used some ronseal "Paint and Grain" which actually works!! Then a coat of Clear Gloss Varnish.
The whole thing looks like its made from Pine :D
There's one shelf inside the cabinet but the width allows my VCR, Digibox and Pioneer reciever to sit adjacent to each other (with a 100mm space between each!!)
It cost about £60 for all the timber and paint etc. but i got it built for free :D
If you need any tips, maybe I can help :D


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Ive sent you some pics m8...

heres one for the rest of ya :-

Dont know what the Teddy's doing!!

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