A/V Reciever with scarts


david park

Come across the Pioneer VSX-C301 and 501 with 4 scarts.
Anyone know of other makes/models with scarts?
Possibly scarts plus a component video and analogue audio inputs as well.

John Dawson

Novice Member
Whilst the new Arcam AVR300 is not fitted with SCARTS as such it is RGBS compatible (3 inputs plus various triggers). It can be used with special cables from QED and others, which have a SCART at one end and the necessary phonos / jacks for the receiver end. The AVR300 also performs video upconversion from composite and s-video sources to RGBS or component video.

There is a link here http://www.arcam.co.uk/diva/cinema/avr300.html


John Dawson (Arcam)


Staff member
SCARTs are at best a convenience and at worst an obstructive nuisance. I'm totally with ARCAM on their approach which offers the right interfaces and yet retains the total control and flexibility that discrete cabling provides.
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