A/V Receiver Recommendations please


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Can anyone recommend an upgrade for my A/V receiver?

My current setup in primarily (90% of usage time) Home Cinema. I have Sky, Xbox and an Arcam DV88, connected to a Sim2 HT200, through a Sony STR-DB940 and an iScan Pro. The Sony also drives a 5.1 Mission FS2 speaker package.

The A/V Receiver is probably the first item I'm upgrading, and may move onto a new projector, and HiFi speakers at a later stage (currently very happy with the DV88).

The reason I'm starting with the Amp is because I use my Xbox with Component outputs, and would like component switching (as well as S-Video) in the amp (currently I have to unplug and plug devices from the iScan Pro that feeds the Sim2).

So, what decent quality (i.e. will fit well with the DV88) Receivers are there out there? It's been a while since I looked at the market, so hope you folks can help fast track my search.

Budget is flexible but would hurt if it got more than say £600.

Thanks in advance



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Are you interested in going to 6.1 or 7 speakers?? Do you want THX or not?

If I remember rightly the denon 2803 does all the componant switching. It also has 7 channels of 90 watt amplification and has all of the mainly used H/C formats. You can find it from £400 upwards. If you hold on for a while when the 3805 comes out the prices of the 3803 should also drop :clap:


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Thanks DFour

I've had a look at those models and found the 3803 for £589 - which seems like a good price its at Digital Direct . Anyone dealt with them? Would you go for that model at this sort of price? When is the 3805 out - and do you think this amp will get much cheaper?




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I think that everyone is hoping that it will get cheaper but IMHO I dont think it will get significantly cheaper unless the 3805 gets heaavily discounted (fat chance). It seems a good price :clap:, it is really up to you if you want the amp now or are willing to wait.

Just to throw a spanner in your woeks if you can afford another £100 it might also be worth loooking at the Yamaha rxv1400 for approx £699. Plenty of threads about i on here :D


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Marantz SR7400 could also be an option, it can also do component switching.

I'm getting mine tomorrow, replacing a Marantz SR4300.

The 7400 is also 7.1, and does DPL IIx. Some great reviews out there, and the current models have all the niggly bugs ironed out from the first batch (some models suffered from overheating and sound drop outs).

Best thing about it is that it can be found discounted for about £489 (rrp £699), I ordered mine from AVLAND and they have been very good so far, free delivery too.


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Thanks Kazman - I would be very interested in a little review when you've had a chance to play with it.


Were it my money I'd be buying an AVR-3803. The prices they're currently selling for are excellent prices.

It's a gamble waiting to buy one after the release of the 3805, as they'll sell very quickly and you may have difficulty in securing one (especially if you're after one in Gold).

I've no direct experience with the Marantz SR7400 but would expect it to be nearer to the AVR-2803 in performance than the 3803.

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