A/V receiver out to PC in: VCR, turntable, music cassette into computer


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I have a home theater setup with a new A/V receiver and a PC. Separate from that, I'm trying to use my old A/V receiver as a conversion hub, from vinyl/cassette/VHS, set up with my office desktop PC. Capturing audio from vinyl and audio cassette is no problem. I connect the receiver's MD/Tape or CD-R left/right outputs to the PC sound card's single input.

My problem is the PC has no video input (to record from the VCR). I can buy a video capture adapter module, RCA to USB, but that's dedicated to and directly connects to the VCR, bypassing the receiver. What I want is a single (left/right) audio connection and a single video connection, output from the receiver and input to the PC. HDMI I assume would be ideal. What's the best way to do this? I realize I need new computer hardware and software. A video capture card? Which receiver outputs would be best if no HDMI input? Hi fidelity audio from vinyl is still the most important. Thanks.


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If your receiver has a HDMI output then a HDMI capture device should work, one via USB or PCIe.

Next best in quality with be component capture (red/green/blue)

Worst quality would be the composite (yellow).

This device supports capturing all of the above, if you want that flexibility.


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Assuming your VCR has red & /white audio outputs and a yellow video output - you should be able to connect to one of the amp inputs (VCR perhaps?) and get audio and video from the amps single HDMI output (based on your back panel image).
If not you'll need a SCART adapter to provide those as RCA sockets.

Then you just need some video capture software on the PC.
Windows 10 has a built in screen recorder related to the gaming set up but I've never used it myself.

IIRC VHS only has composite video so there's not much to be gained with better connections. I hope you're prepared for how low res. it will look!

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