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I want to find an amp that will give high quality sound and AV input switching, but I am not interested in unnesessary bells and whistles. above (almost) all I want to be able to set EQ to suit my ears and home acoustics without the machine deciding that it doesn't apply to this input.I have wasted a good deal of money looking for the answer, without success. I currently have a pioneer, but it also tends to do as it likes. As a retired professional sound engineer,I have also never been convinced by Graphic E Q as the high Q filter circuits involved dont seem to be sound friendly. I would be very happy to find a solution. I ought to add that I am a bit out of touch, as i have been retired for quite a while but there is nothing wrong with my ears.


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Either an Arcam or NAD AVR with Dirac room correction might suit you down to a tee.


Oh if things were only that simple. Dirac is widely regarded as the best EQ system but let's not forget the actual room that the equipment is going in. Will it be a dedicated cinema room or just a living room where fittings and furnishings can have a big impact. What speakers are going to be connected.

Then there's the delicate question of budget. Those receivers with Dirac tend to be on the expensive side. A bit more information is needed to give you as much help as possible.

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OP - I would suggest that your speakers are more likely to shape the quality and enjoyment of the sound than the amp.

I don't quite understand the point you make about your current Pioneer. Are you saying that its EQ makes the sound worse to your ears? Room correction can be a very useful tool in taming frequency extremes (especially boomy bass), but you always have the option of not engaging it if you don't want to.

As Gibbsy says, if you give us more details of your room and equipment, then we can perhaps advise you better.

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'but I am not interested in unnesessary bells and whistles' - unfortunately those products sell in such small numbers that you tend to pay a huge premium for them.

As above it would be good to know what you are currently using in your system and how the room is configured.


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