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A/V amp used as HT processor-preamp for power Amp


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Hi, I l need advices for my HT :
I was using previously 2 separate systems : 1 HIFI (Luxman LV 105u + 104/2) in 32 m², 1 HT in the living room of 15 m² (Yam 795 + 104/2).
Then to complete the equipment of my 32 m² "entertainment" room (VP + Screen soon), I bought power amp ARCAM (P35/3, P85/3 and P80) for 5 Kef Reference (104/2 and 200C) the 3 front speakers are biamped . I'm using an old Yamaha 795 as HT preamp and its really a nice sound.
But I WANT TO UPGRADE the decoding and preamp parts, but with less than £300-400 (I need some money for the VP and the screen) so i can'afford Arcam AVP700 or other well known HT preamp, only A/V amplifiers are available in that range of price.
So, I'm naturally thinking of the Yamaha RXV 1500, due to its awarded "musical" performance, full decoding abilities, THX select, Lip sync and YPAO.
But what do you think of Harman AVR 330 with Logic 7 and EZset (or even AVR430) or if you have other proposals.
I need a 7.1 pre-out, a direct mode (bypass) for music, a good bass management, for controlling the deep bass of both speakers and Tannoy Saturn Sub 15', I wish a precise tone and volume auto calibration.
I do prefer musicality than explosive decoding, so what do i choose for my money? new former models, used devices


Might be able to get hold of a second hand Rotel RSP-1066 processor at the high end of your budget ?

for more say £650ish could get the 1068 secondhand.

For around £350 could go for an older Meridian processor the 565 but i've tried this and prefer the processing in the newer rotels over this for movies.

I don't really see any point in buying a better intergrated as a pre, as you have some great power amps. just keep saving until you can buy a dedicated pre/processor.


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Hi Happy new year to everybody!
Still the same question, but now it's bargain time and sold out.
Rotel 1066 are hard to find.
In some french shop, an australian AV preamp is promoted, due to its street price of ~£750 : VIOLET ADP-61
Does someone own it or have heard about it?
Thank you in advance.


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I have been able to find the 1066 here in france for £675 but thats the best so far, I am also looking for a processor but spending less!

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