A TV that allows the picture to be split 50/50


Hi there,

After a TV that will allow me to plug in two playstation 4's and display each of them together. Want the split to be 50% of the screen. Not like the PIP function on my current TV that is a titchy window on a giant screen. Is there any current TV that allows this?



Don't think any tv will do PIP from two HDMI sources let alone split it 50/50. Also in PIP you will get severely high input lag anyway.

Something like this would probably work but I don't know how well the input lag would be: 4-Channel HDMI DVI Split-Screen Quad PIP Video Matrix Switch

I don't think it would be enjoyable anyway, you wouldn't have the same aspect ratio games are designed for so you will likely have squashed image or missing parts of an image.

You're better off just getting two smaller TVs I think.

Shame really because part of 3D on some older Sony TVs was so you could multiplayer on the same tv full screen. I thought it would take off when it came out and maybe even extend to being able to watch different sources but for whatever reason it didn't.


Hi, thanks for the info.

Thats such a shame and a waste. Yeah I thought about 2 TVs but it doesnt have a very good WAF at all.

I dont understand why something like this isnt a feature found on all modern day TVs.

Oh well, thanks again.


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Yup, i have an LG that has glasses that allow 2 people to play a game full screen and see different images using the polarization.

Never used it though.


Hi, been looking into what you said. Seems to be called dual play.

Took me to a video here what seems to suggest its for split screen games as opposed two completly different hdmi sources.

There always has to be an unworkable hitch doesnt there :-/


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Yeah, sorry that I wasn't more clear.

It's definitely aimed at people playing the same game on the same console but rather than only seeing half the screen, they get to see the whole screen using the glasses.

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