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a teeny weeny favour


Prominent Member
shouldn't you post some songs? :)

Bill Hicks

hi guys,

my band are compeating in the northwest top 100 unsigned chart competition.

i was wondering if any of you would mind voting.

all you have to do is email [email protected] - with the heading "voting" and state 3 points to accolade in the email.

would be great if you could do that for me :)

Ain't that cheating! Post some of your tunes first. You might be the "WYLD STALLIONS" of the noughties!
Like totally bogus dude!


Prominent Member
It's not bad but your no Queen are ya? The Guv (Pint for the fella and a fruit based drink for the lady, there's the rules, where would we be without rules etc)

I like some of your influences, you probably sound better live in pubs or outside.


Distinguished Member
:Danyone ? :thumbsup:

i shall return the favour by voting for any competitions you should enter lol

Sounds like identikit emo.

You should get a record contract easy.


You guys are pretty good but i can't vote for you as i'm sure that's a man u top as you avatar?



Established Member
Not my cup o tea im afraid, slow monotonous monotone cat wailing

I only listen to music with punch that gets your blood pumping, Im not into lets get depressed and slash our wrists emo music...

This is more me :p

For that type of music seams to be pretty well done thou.

lol thats fair enough, - but again this music is certainly not monotone, its completely melodic!


Distinguished Member
Wouldnt you rather earn votes by people liking your music?

Isn't the whole point of making music and putting it on the internet for people to enjoy it, the whole getting signed etc just a bonus?

Are are you just in it for the money and the fame?

I think it's a bit cheeky asking a forum to vote without putting a link up initially, its like all you care about are the votes and not the fact people like the stuff...


Established Member
I've been in this band for 6 years, we never charge for a gig , i give ALL our music away , i play any gig at the drop of a hat, i send our cd to anyone who asks for it out of my own pocket.

i am entirely in it for the music.

yes its a bit cheeky asking people to vote - but i posted the link about 4 months ago and lots of people liked it on here - it was them who i was hoping would vote (also sent the mp3s to those people)

I'm sorry for not posting the link , i genuinely thought i had plus the link should be in my signature.

there was no harm meant here.


Distinguished Member
Fair enough, its just the initial post made it seem very much like you were all about the votes and winning this contest and that little else mattered.

Anyways best of luck with the contest, when I get home from work i'll check the tracks out and maybe throw a vote your way.

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