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A Technical Puzzle - Help

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by markbebb, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. markbebb

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    Dec 29, 2003
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    Ok I need some help from technical folks. I have an LCD TV, that is actually a PC built into the case. It's a new piece of kit in the UK and is pretty cool. HOWEVER, there is a lack of external inputs into it and I want another, so here is the config:

    Samsung panel in OEM case. The panel is switchable between eternal tv signal and PC feed. Once the pc is on, you can switch to the PC signal via remote or switch on the panel. There only appears to be 2 inputs to switch between - antenna and PC.

    Looking behind the case, the PC video card runs a standard PC connection type cable to an input board. The board appears to have a Samsung tv tuner and lots of component and VGA inputs / outputs but if I connect a DVD player to it via component I don’t see a signal. The only connection running into the board is the PC video connection, a stereo audio connection and the TV aerial. The TV and PC get displayed on the panel if you select "pc" or TV respectively on the on the panel or remote. I have tried unplugging the PC cable and connecting DVD to the board as well as just connecting the DVD, but nothing is displayed.

    I cant see any identifiable marks on the input board giving model details or anything that would allow me to mail the manufacturer for more info. I don’t think the manufacturer of the PC/TV will give me details either as what I’m trying to do isn’t what the machine is designed for.

    Do these kind of input boards usually have an output or switch selector that shows the component, PC, TV input (I'm thinking here it's been disabled and only allows output on the panel for PC and TV, not component etc)

    Any thoughts appreciated

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