A Step Into The Unkown (That Is Projection !!!)



Hi and Good Morning all,

I'm after a bit of advice. I currently own a Hitchai Plasma PMA400e in my front room which is fine and dandy.

I recently borrowed a 1000lumens Epson EMP-50 Projector off a friend and was blown away!!!!

I love the big screen experience, for my PS2 as well as watching Cricket or Football.

I now have a problem in that I have to give the projector back (Boo hoo) :thumbsdow

So I now have a dilema, do I go back to my 21" TV (Not really going to happen!!!) or do I invest in a projector.

I've been doing a bit of research and have a couple of Options. I am not going to bother with a screen as I have pure white walls and at present the Epson projects onto this and gives me a fantastic picture.

I am contemplating buying the Sanyo Z1 because of the cheap price and rave reviews !!!!! I am also looking at some of the BenQ projectors (although I have not really much idea what these are like)

My real concern is the Lamp Life (2000 hours !!!) I would probably only be using this for maximum 4 hours everyday which would only give me about a years viewing before I have to buy a new lamp (£250) does the Z1 run for 2000 or 3000 hours and I also read somewhere that the replacement lamps are only 1000 hours worth ???? Is this true ???

Can anyone give me some advice here ....

Much appreciated


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Can anyone give me some advice here ....

If you like a really big picture, buy a projector. Don't worry about lamplife - a 2000 hr lamp will give you about 18months viewing everyday, that's 50p a day.......... by that time you'll want a new projector anyway......................

Sean G.


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Ditto theritz's advice.

Once tasted, never forgotten and too damn late to go back :D

I've gotten 2600 hours out of my Panny AE100 so far (touches wood).

But good care will help prolong lamp life - like switching off properly and allowing the lamp to cool and making sure the PJ is well ventilated, no smoking etc. will all help.



Thanks for the great advice guys.

Chris when you say you've gotten 2600 hours use out of yours was it a 2000 hour lamp, also what happens to the lamps, I mean do they slowly deteriorate or do they just "go"

Thanks again !!!




some go , some deteriorate... most would say that after 1000 hours the pic doesnt look quite as good as with a new lamp...


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