A Sony Dvd With Surround But No Rgb??


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A friend of mine has bought a sony package from KIELYS and got a 32 tv, a vcr and a dvd/radio with the 5 speakers. However the DVD does not have a scart socket so no RGB but it does have component but the tv does not have component, I kid u not.

The DVD model dav-s550 has S VIDEO, and then 2 more video sockets that do video in/out and audio in/out on socket 1, then socket 2 does audio in and video in, it also does video out to TV monitor which is either composite or s video.

My q is " Why get him to buy a DVD with component outputs when the TV does not support it? And can u get an adaptor that will convert component to scart and then give RGB?

And should he take DVD back and get one with SCART for RGB?



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Its a fairly difficult question really. Some tvs perform almost as good with s-video as they do rgb, typically they are 100hz tvs which really are based around video capturing hardware plus some televisions don't actually do true RGB anyway but instead downgrade to s-video internally. So for owners of those sort of tvs s-video is fine. However the majority own tvs that easily give their best picture with RGB in which case the Sony is a poor relation to even £30 dvd players with RGB output. I believe the s-video output on the DAVS550 is slightly grainy too. Its component pictures are excellent either interlace (pal/ntsc) or progressive (ntsc). You can get adaptors that do component to scart rgb conversion but a) they are expensie and b) the results aren't as good as native RGB output normally.

Basically as you've arlready worked out its not the ideal system for most people because it lacks RGB scart.


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Thank you very much, I thought as much but your explanation is ideal for me to print out and show him. He has rang me already asking if I am on my way!! but he would not wait to ask me before buying the system!!


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