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A snipers shot


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Shot by a German sniper on the above hill from a D-Day reenactment i went to on the 8th



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Seems like you have given this thread a bump to encourge comments....well I for one think this is a very strange entry and, to be brutally honest, a rather unpleasant and distateful shot.Not for me I'm afraid.



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Guess you never saw the reply I had on here about stun guns which has now been deleted look like some kind of spam


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I really don't know what to say about this, apart from the fact that I agree with Terry about this being a rather unpleasant and distasteful shot.
And I didn't, quite frankly, understand what on earth did that text about stun guns have to do with this monthly photo competition.
If you enjoy pictures of dead people (be it "only" a re-enactment), I'm sure there are forums for that. Don't think this is one of them. Sorry for not being able to understand this.


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Strange I thought it was a great photo as all I saw was men playing on a beach and one pretending to be dead I love all things ww2 or is it the fact that this is something that really happened don't understand


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"love all things WW2"? Talk to someone who survived it, that may help you understand the replies.


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Not sure about this either as I don't quite understand where the "from above" comes from as this is shot at ground level and it seems quite a big mental leap to assume the sniper was above the victim ???? so not really on theme from me.

Technically I also have a problem with the washed out PP that has been done (B&W is Ok though), I'd rather have had the photo properly exposed with a pseudo grain added to make it look "period". But then again I can't really comment on PP given my entry this month.

Also, before the mods get in, there seems to be no exif data on this which makes it invalid (need to check compo rules).


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Photos are never just flowers and sunny beaches - personally I think its a powerful capture of what is purely just a reenactment but just doesnt say 'from above'.


I don't have any probem with the subject matter at all - I find it a well comoposed shot - I'm not too keen on the processing as it's a bit too high key for me personally and would have liked more highlight detail and the shot doesn't really say "from above" to me either.



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I know the picture does not show from above but it was based on the landing of Omaha beach which the Germans where placed all along the hill top firing down onto the americans as we all know so he was killed from above well thats how i see it.


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Not for me I'm afraid, nor does it shout "from above" to me, sorry.



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I like this shot and while the subject matter might be uncomfortable I don't find it distasteful. The processing isolates the subject absolutely and makes me think of faded or aged prints. The discarded helmet adds gravity and lets your imagination wonder what happened to the owner. I think this is a pretty strong picture and the explanation of how it fits the theme is fine by me :)


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Don't understand the animosity towards this photo. It's a war re-enactment not a crime scene. The image itself isn't on theme for me but there's something about the stark processing that I think resonates with the subject.


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I do like the picture, the idea behind it and the PP to atificially age it. I'm just not sure about the way the figure is lying stretched out, it's just a little too much of a pose for me.


Original received, exif OK :thumbsup:


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I don't have a problem with the shot itself, as has been said it's not all flowers and beaches.

I like the conversion and processing as well as the composition, but without the accompanying text it doesn't scream from above to me I'm afraid.


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