A simple trick to play AVI XviD/DivX videos on Samsung TV without re-encoding



I've recently bought Samsung QLED Q95T (2020 EU model, currently on firmware 1460) and I'm quite happy with it!

One of the first things I tried on my new TV was checking the playback of different video files. I was aware it does not support DTS audio (nor TrueHD), so this was expected; however, I was quite disappointed it does not play my AVI XviD/DivX files.

I'm aware this format is getting quite old now, but it is still somewhat popular, and I still have plenty of such files (kids' cartoons etc.). And what is especially strange, Samsung's built-in media player still supports such prehistoric codecs as MPEG-1 and MotionJPEG, and even proprietary ones as FLV (Flash Video) and Microsoft's WMV...

A commonly suggested solution on the web is to re-encode your XviD videos into MP4s containing AVC (H.264) video inside. While this surely works, it involves re-compressing already compressed video - so it further degrades its quality. Also, takes time - not only to re-encode, but to choose appropriate encoding parameters...

So, I started experimenting, and I found out that simply changing codec ID (also known as FourCC) in the AVI file from XVID (or, less common DIVX or DX50) into FMP4 fixes the problem!

(For videos encoded with the oldest DivX version, the FourCC is DIV3, and has to be changed to MP43).

If you only have a few AVI files to fix, you can use AVI FourCC Code Changer 1.00. For batch processing, you can use the following FFmpeg command line:

ffmpeg -i source.avi -c copy -vtag FMP4 source_fixed.avi

While applying this fix, you can at the same time correct another common problem with XviD videos known as Packed bitstream or Packed B-frames. In general, it is about increasing video file's compatibility by reorganizing it a bit. Here's the full commandline to apply both fixes:

ffmpeg -i source.avi -c copy -bsf:v mpeg4_unpack_bframes -vtag FMP4 source_fixed.avi


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Thanks for great tip. It is really a shame that Samsung remove Xvid/DivX playback from new TV's, it just doesn't make any sense ...

Anyhow, here is a powershell script you can put in root of USB stick and it will fix all AVI files on whole USB.

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