A simple HDMI In-Line Tint control....?


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Does anyone make an HDMI in/out Tint control that I can use to quickly and simply tweak the picture of anything connected to the TV? (PAL and NTSC). If no-one makes such a product, could anyone with technical knowledge construct one for me? (I don't need anything as sophisticated as a Lumagen).

Thank you.

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I'd think that for someone to build something from scratch would take a lot more money than picking up a much more sophisticated mass produced commercial device.


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Hi Crunchie, :hiya:

I recognise this request as you have also asked it on Digital Spy, albeit in differing guises;

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Perhaps if you explained a little more of the background, your display issue and why you want this (to add a tint control to PAL signals as your display is apparently too red, despite being ISF calibrated on certain inputs/signals), then people may offer other advice on this issue.

PAL colour encoding doesn't necessarily lend itself to adding a tint control. As others have told you elsewhere - it only really exists in NTSC to overcome certain deficiencies. I really do feel you are tackling this from the wrong angle. Remember that a digital signal such as HDMI is independent of any analogue colour encoding regime - it is neither PAL nor NTSC.


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Hi Zax47,

Many thanks for consolidating all my related forum posts into one :thumbsup:

Quite simply, while I understand and appreciate the fact that, in an ideal scenario, a PAL picture shouldn't need tweaking or improving by tweaking the "Tint" control, I do find that some TV channels and some programmes - particularly US ones - display far too red, and, even after having my plasma ISF calibrated, I am not able to make skin tones on such problematic sources more natural with the Tint control being inactive with PAL. BUT, how annoying when I can tweak the Tint control when I watch the very same programme on Blu-Ray or a US DVD! The fact that LG (and maybe Samsung) are two of the three UK Plasma manufacturers that apparently do enable custom adjustment of the Tint control for ANY source or input (PAL/NTSC) leaves me at a loss why other companies don't also enable it globally too as well.

In my experience of service-menu adjustments on my TV, no combination of RGB gains or cuts will ever achieve the colour improvement that a few simple notches on the Tint control gives. And, besides, RGB adjustments always mess up the greyscale and white balance, whereas even large Tint adjustments have no effect at all on whites and blacks. Simples!

I was just enquiring on this very helpful board if there was a way to globally enable the Tint control on my Panasonic plasma, or if there was some external HDMI in/out device more affordable than a Lumagen that I could connect in-line to achieve the same result. :lease:

I guess, for my next TV, the only way I'm ever going to get this feature is to buy a new plasma that has a universally-usable Tint control, and, until I see the new 2010 Panasonic range in action, that limits my choice to LG or Samsung.

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