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Hi all,

I am using the standard Sky Hub however I have just bought a new 4K TV and would like to replace the hub with something that is more up to the job of streaming 4k content. What would the recommendations be?

Would also like something that can reach upstairs without needing a separate WI fi extender.

Many thanks.


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What makes you think your Sky Router isn't "up to the job" - have you done some tests or are you buying into the Internet Myth that ISP's all provide "rubbish routers" and presuming it's inadequate without testing...? I'd try it first and fix the problems if they exists rather than assume there's a problem that needs fixing when there may not and waste money on a new router.

Don't bother looking for some uber-router with "twice the power" (or whatever) for Wi-Fi. Maximum Wi-Fi transmit power is mandated in law and most kit is, and always has been, at or near the permitted max. You're not going to find a silver bullet. In any case, for very many reasons, "more power from the Access Point (router)" (even if it were possible) is not the solution for Wi-Fi coverage issues - more Access Points closer to the clients is. You might achieve some improvements by re positioning and/or reorienting your router (and therefore it's antennas) sometimes the effects of small changes can be quite dramatic (and many times not.)

If you want fast reliable data networking, then forget Wi-Fi all together - wired ethernet is the better solution. Wi-Fi is fundamentally unreliable.
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