A robust laptop for work: recommendations welcome


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Hi all,

I hope everyone is well and coping with lockdown.

I wonder if you could give me a spec on a laptop please.

It;s for my wife. She;s currently using a 12 inch macbook which us on its last legs. She needs it for work purposes and whilst it doesn't have to be uber powerful, it needs to be capable of doing some light video and photo editing. An in built webcam is a must as she has moved to entirely online at the moment. A good quality screen (13 inch ideally) would also be desirable. The laptop itself can't be too heavy.

idealy under £1000 - well under if possible!

It would also need a largeish hard drive. In her own words: 'I would something more reliable than this Apple piece of ****'!



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HP Elitebook G7 would be my first choice. Spec it with an M2 250GB program drive and a 480GB data drive and space won't be an issue.

Battery life, build and usability are all very good. Touchscreen is worth having if you like that sort of thing.

If you want robust, avoid anything that turns or folds into a tablet. They are never as well built as they should be.

Now the downside... You might be a little limited in choice as there's a been quite a few delays getting laptops into the UK, so you might need to accept what's in stock. Avoid the consumer stuff and aim at the business grade equipment and you should be fine.


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Apple are generally considered to have top notch build quality. Is the particular model she's got known to have issues?

Which parts have failed or are failing?

A semi-rugged laptop is going to be getting on for £2k with a good screen and will be among the heavier laptops available - typically around 2.5kg.

One of the top of the range business models is a good bet such as the top Elitebook or Latitude models or the Thinkpad T or X models. They don't always prioritise screen quality though.

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