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Hi all,

I have a Sony Bravia TV connected to a Sony blu-ray player. Audio goes to a Rotel hi-fi amp and then out to a pair of PMC speakers.

Since getting the blu-ray player I have been extremely dissatisfied with the audio coming out of the system on some discs. When the disc has only 5.1/7.1 soundtracks a lot of the audio seems to be lost. I am forced to put the volume up to very high levels to get anywhere near good results. Dialogue audio seems especially prone to being lost. If the disc has a stereo soundtrack the results are usually pretty good.

I assume this is because I am losing centre channel audio, or because the surround soundtracks just are not working well with a stereo set-up.

Therefore I have been looking at getting a receiver and some extra channels. For a variety of reasons I have been going back and forth on speaker choice, unable to decide whether I should get PMC rear and centre channels to match the front or not. Then it occurred to me, maybe I could just get the receiver (I am looking at the Onkyo TXSR507) and set it up to know that I have only two speakers. Then I assume the centre audio will be redistributed to the front R/L channels.

Will this work? I don't really care that much about rear audio anyway, all I want is for a satisfying sound experience from my two front channels, and for dialogue to be properly audible.

I have no previous experience with receivers, so I don't know whether this will work as I expect. Will a properly configured receiver, by itself, be enough to solve the problem?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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TBH I'd have a look at the settings on the Sony player first. What you describe shouldn't really happen if setup properly. The player should downmix the audio to 2 channel
What connections are you using to get sound to your amp BTW?


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I am using RCA outputs with Chord Chrysalis cables. The blu-ray is the Sony BDP-S350.

I have tried everything I can think of with the player, but to no avail. Anybody have specific experience setting this player up for 2 channel output?

If I can solve the problem by just changing some settings then that would be ideal!


Page 44 of the manual suggests changing setting to audio priority to 'stereo analogue'. Try it to see if it helps.


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Thanks for your suggestion.

I have indeed tried setting the priority to stereo analogue, but it did not seem to make much of a difference. There are about 10 different audio settings that I have tried in various combinations, but I am sure I have not tried *all* different combinations!

It might just be a case of suddenly hitting on the right magic combination, but it is a very time consuming process, especially since every time I change a setting I have to go through to whole lengthy disc start up process again. I feel like I am spending hours stabbing in the dark fruitlessly.

Is there anybody out there with a BDP-S350 connected up through analogue outputs to a stereo amp who has good solid audio? If so I would be very interested to know the exact audio settings you have.

This is my current set up (but I am always fiddling around with it):

Audio output priority: stereo analogue
Audio (HDMI): 2ch PCM
BD Audio Setting: Mix
Audio ATT: off
Dolby Digital: Downmix PCM
DTS: Downmix PCM
48khz/96khz PCM: 96khz/24bit
Audio DRC: TV Mode
Downmix: normal

It is worth noting that some blu-rays work fine. Wall-E and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist work great for example. But The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Beowulf are very disappointing.

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